Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Designers Fairfield NJ

At Lighting by Design, we use landscape lighting to highlight important occasions and to welcome friends and loved ones into your home by illuminating landscaping, pathways, and other important architectural features. Installing a new landscape lighting system is one of the best ways to add both curb appeal and safety to your backyard garden or entrance area.

In addition to residential designs, our experienced team of lighting designers also works with commercial clients to showcase business and municipal spaces.

Being experts in the field of landscape lighting design means that we draw upon a wide variety of techniques to show your home or commercial space in a brand new light. Our team will always work closely with you to get you the best products to accentuate your home’s special features.

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Refresh Your Existing Lighting System

In addition to new outdoor lighting systems, Lighting by Design can also adapt existing systems to new landscaping or layouts. If your system has old wiring or worn out bulbs or you have recently moved to a new residence, we can replace bulbs, change lighting fixtures, or rebury wiring. Our knowledgeable team will do a thorough inspection of your current system to check for things like water damage which can cause both faulty connections and corroded sockets or wires.

Beef Up Your Home’s Security

One of the best aspects about exterior landscape lighting is how it can make your residence or commercial building more secure. A well-lit property is much more of a deterrent to possible intruders who want to go unnoticed. Along with a new lighting design, we can install timers to control when you want the lights to switch on and off automatically. We work with you to design an energy-efficient system that will add to your property’s aesthetics and its overall security.

Lights That Reflect Your Style

When designing your exterior lighting scheme, you have several choices with respect to the size and layout of your outdoor space. Landscape lights are classified according to their style, type, and usage. Path lights, for instance, are perfect for lighting your sidewalk. On the other hand, flood or spotlights are useful for illuminating taller trees or other features of your home. And in-ground lights can add dramatic effect by casting beams of light upwards from wherever they are installed. Nowadays, we use energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting for both modern and more traditional designs.

The guiding principle is to know what you want to achieve before getting started. Is security your number one priority or is it safety near your pathways? Or are you looking for greater visual appeal by employing techniques such as silhouettes, shadowing, or wall-wash lighting? Once you know what your goals are for you home or commercial property, Lighting by Design will work with you to put your plan into action.

Servicing Clients in Fairfield NJ

Conveniently located in northern NJ, Lighting by Design services both residential and commercial clients in Fairfield, New Jersey as well as the surrounding towns. If you want to design, update, or reinvent your exterior lighting, get in touch with our team of landscape lighting experts today.


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