Exterior and Landscape Lighting

At Lighting by Design, we know that choosing the right lighting fixtures for your outdoor space can be a difficult task. In addition to selecting lights that match your décor, you also need to make sure that they are the right size and provide the right amount of illumination.

To make things easier, our design team consults with you to discuss outdoor lighting types and their functions before making any purchases. Our aim is to help you choose the best possible lighting to highlight your walkway, pool, or landscaping.

As a full-service exterior lighting design company, our team starts by walking your property to figure out the best options for your outdoor lighting system. For this reason, we have assembled a first-rate team of lighting and product designers, electrical engineers, and electricians to help design your new lighting project or spruce up an existing space.

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Make Your Home More Secure

One of the best things about adding lighting fixtures to your home’s exterior is how it can make it more secure. Illuminating your property makes it much more difficult for burglars or home invaders to go unnoticed.

With access to more than 200 high-quality lighting companies, Lighting by Design can always find the right fixtures for your project. Whether you need dusk-to-dawn lights, motion sensor lights, or switch-control security lights, Lighting by Design can install whatever security lighting you want to prevent criminal activity and make you feel safer.

Let Your Home Stand Out at Night

Installing new outdoor lighting can also create an entirely new look for your home at night. You can use floodlighting to highlight some of your home’s unique architectural features, or you can install lights in a newly landscaped area for better nighttime entertaining. On the other hand, you may want to brighten an outdoor dining area to increase the usable space around your property. At Lighting by Design, we create beautiful, illuminated works of art that add both style and function to existing spaces.

Transform Your Backyard Garden

If you ever wanted to remake your back garden, Lighting by Design has plenty of ways to make your ideas become reality. We can use task lighting to accentuate your rock garden and make it a centerpiece, or we can add some garden lights to show off your new plants. We draw upon our years of experience to create warm and inviting spaces for you and your neighbors to enjoy during those warm, summer evenings.

Coverage Area

Serving the Basking Ridge area of Somerset County, New Jersey, Lighting by Design specializes in the installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems. Because we work with all types of spaces, we provide lighting consultations for residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, and landscape spaces.

Whether you are interested in garden lighting, pathway lighting, deck lighting, or outdoor kitchen lighting, Lighting by Design will point you in the right direction to ensure your outdoor lighting design fits your lifestyle and your budget.


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