Landscape and Exterior Lighting

At Lighting by Design, we understand how hard it is to get the best lighting fixtures for your outdoor space. In addition to finding fixtures that match your landscaping, they also need to be the right size and give off the right amount of light. With so many factors to consider, it helps to have a team of experts from Lighting by Design to help you through the process.

Our experienced team of lighting and product designers, electrical engineers, and electricians are available to help you pick out and install the lighting concept of your dreams. Because we are a full-service outdoor lighting design company, we provide lighting consultations for residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, and landscape spaces.

Whether you are looking to refresh your outdoor patio space or you need to renovate a large industrial space, we have the expertise and know-how to make sure you get the lighting system that suits your property.

Front Landscape Lighting Florham Park NJ

Refresh Your Home's Exterior

Maybe your walkway needs better light, or you want to show off your recently designed landscaping. At Lighting by Design, we use a combination of different lighting types, known as layering, to achieve the right effect.

Our process starts with an on-site visit from one of our lighting designers to determine your lighting needs. We want to find out your goals for the space. After reviewing your outdoor area, we make recommendations such as adding decorative fixtures or recess lighting. We also make suggestions regarding new products such as motion sensors or solar outdoor lights.

After our initial visit, your outside salesperson will help you choose the best lighting fixtures for your home and your budget.  By helping people understand how different types of exterior lighting can work together, we transform our clients’ vision into reality.

Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Spaces

In addition to our residential lighting design, we also have extensive experience lighting commercial spaces. Our landscape lighting accentuates a commercial space's façade and its landscape features. By working in cooperation with architects and builders, we design lighting schemes that improve the aesthetics while increasing the overall safety of municipal spaces.

Similar to our residential clients, we consult with our commercial clients ahead of time to assess the scope of each project. This kind of collaboration enables us to complete both small and large-scale projects on time and under budget. At Lighting by Design, we choose from over 200 high-quality lighting companies to find the perfect fixtures for each lighting scheme. By working closely with our clients, we find the solution that creates the right highlights for their commercial space.

Coverage Area

Serving clients in Montgomery Township, New Jersey, Lighting by Design specializes in the installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. We also work with clients in nearby towns and communities throughout Somerset County.

Whether you are interested in pathway lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, or security lighting, Lighting by Design will work with you to find the outdoor lighting design that fits your lifestyle and your budget.


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